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Most powerful and easy-to-modulate 4-piston brake in its class

The Delta RS is the most powerful hydraulic brake in the Delta range. Its unique design and outstanding performance reflect Bontaz’s expertise and craftsmanship. Our engineers have developed this high-precision brake to meet demanding riders looking for a powerful brake capable of offering excellent modularity. Rigorously tested both in the laboratory and the field to guarantee a sustainable, reliable performance. Like all Bontaz brakes, the calliper and master cylinder are fully removable for total repairability.

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Unique design

With its clean and modern lines, the bold, eye-catching design of the Delta RS brake is inspired by precision watchmaking. Its impressive grey finish with black accents and carbon fibre lever clearly point to its sports DNA.

Bontaz_La clusaz_D1_0241

Light and resistant levers in a premium finish

The Delta RS levers are made from Carbontaz Premium, a material developed by Bontaz from composites and carbon fibre. This material has the advantage of being twice as light as aluminium for the same tensile and breaking strength. Bontaz brake levers are also removable and interchangeable.

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Powerful and precision brake

The forged 4-piston calliper and the optimisation of the lever travel, make the Delta RS one of the most powerful and easy-to-modulate brakes on the market. The adjustment of the guard is facilitated by a dial that allows a quick manual manipulation.

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delta RS

Carbontaz Premium® technology

Carbontaz Premium® is a 100% recyclable recycled material made from a blend of high-tech composites with carbon fibres added for even greater lightness. Incredibly light, it offers excellent resistance and gives our products a unique finish.

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Product specifications

Brake type
Main colour
Master cylinder assembly
Left / right
Calliper mounting
Postmount (optional adapters)
Calliper pistons
4 pistons
Lever type
Two-finger lever
Leverage material
Carbontaz Premium®
Pad type
Bontaz D3 pads
Cable connection
Rotary hose connection (Banjo)
Guard adjustment
Disk compatibility
160 - 180 - 200mm (optional adapters)
Gear shift compatibility
InteShift (optional)
Brake fluid
Mineral oil
Other information
Sold without disc

Documents & user manuals

Technical manuals will be available soon