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Bontaz technology at an affordable price for mountain bikes and e-bikes

The Delta 1 is a powerful and reliable hydraulic brake, developed to meet the greater braking power demanded by mountain bikes and e-bikes. The Delta 1 brake is the entry point to the Delta range, providing access to Bontaz technology and expertise at an affordable price. Requiring little maintenance and offering sustainable, reliable performance, it gives the rider peace of mind for optimal enjoyment. Like all Bontaz brakes, the calliper and master cylinder are fully removable for total repairability.



The Delta 1 is an affordable brake that provides access to Bontaz expertise. It benefits from many technologies inherited from the family’s established product range, which give it a serious advantage over competitors in its category.


Power and modulation

With impressive power and modulation, the Delta 1 guarantees absolute control of the bike. Its 4-piston calliper offers a large reserve of power to cope with unforeseen events and trajectory errors.


100% recyclable lever

The Delta 1 is equipped with a lever made of Carbontaz©, a material made from high-tech composites with the advantage of being both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Light yet resistant, our levers are also removable and interchangeable.

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delta 1

Carbontaz® technology

Carbontaz® is a recycled, 100% recyclable material made from a blend of high-tech composites. It offers the same tensile and fracture strength as aluminium for half the weight.

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Product specifications

Brake type
Main colour
Gloss black
Master cylinder assembly
Left / right
Calliper mounting
Postmount (optional adapters)
Calliper pistons
4 pistons
Lever type
Two-finger lever
Leverage material
Pad type
Bontaz D1 pads (optional adapters)
Cable connection
Rotary hose connection (Banjo)
Guard adjustment
Tool (wrench 6 sides 2mm)
Disk compatibility
160 - 180 - 200mm (optional adapters)
Gear shift compatibility
InteShift (optional)
Brake fluid
Mineral oil
Other information
Sold without disc

Documents & user manuals

Technical manuals will be available soon