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Our premium brake

The Alpha RS is the flagship in the Alpha range. This hydraulic brake has been designed to unlock the full potential of a 2-piston brake and offer the very highest level of performance. Aimed at riders looking for a light and high-performance brake with an assertive design. The lever travel has been optimised to reduce dead travel and provide better braking efficiency. The guard adjustment allows fine-tuning for lighter and more precise braking. Like all Bontaz brakes, the calliper and master cylinder are fully removable for total repairability.

Bontaz_La clusaz_D1_0645

Ultra-light brake

To develop this brake, our engineers carried out numerous simulations to optimise the design of the master cylinder and reduce its weight to the minimum without compromising performance. This work enabled the development of a complete system weighing just 240g.

Bontaz_La clusaz_D1_0261

Carbon fibre levers

Alpha RS levers are designed from Carbontaz© Premium. This material developed by Bontaz from high-tech composites and carbon fibres makes it possible to produce lightweight and resistant levers with a unique design owing to the exposed carbon fibres. Bontaz brake levers are removable and interchangeable.

Bontaz_La clusaz_D2_0772

Progressive and responsive braking

Thanks to the work done on the lever travel and reducing dead travel, the Alpha RS brake offers a very high modularity whilst also being extremely responsive, giving greater control, including in emergencies. Guard adjustment via the dial located at the master cylinder level allows a precise and fast manipulation, even when on the move.

Bontaz_La clusaz_D1_1139 Alpha RS_Pour modifs
alpha RS

Carbontaz Premium® technology

Carbontaz Premium® is a 100% recyclable recycled material made from a blend of high-tech composites with carbon fibres added for even greater lightness. Incredibly light, it offers excellent resistance and gives our products a unique finish.

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Product specifications

Brake type
Main colour
Master cylinder assembly
Left / right
Calliper mounting
Postmount (optional adapters)
Calliper pistons
2 pistons
Lever type
Two-finger lever
Leverage material
Carbontaz® Premium
Pad type
Bontaz A3 pads
Cable connection
Straight hose
Guard adjustment
Disc compatibility
160 - 180 - 200mm (optional adapters)
Gear shift compatibility
InteShift (optional)
Brake fluid
Mineral oil
Other information
Sold without disc

Documents & user manuals

Technical manuals will be available soon