Our environmental challenges

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Preserving the planet

It follows that a company offering low-carbon mobility solutions cares about the environment and the planet.

The products we design directly respond to many of the problems facing our society, not least urban congestion, public health and climate change. But these products also leave a footprint, and it is this footprint we aspire to reduce.

The challenges

Given the challenges are global, social and environmental, urgent and with huge repercussions, we believe responsible answers must be sought using a holistic approach in collaboration with other experts in their respective fields.

To meet these challenges, our vision is to conceive, develop and produce robust, comprehensive solutions in a responsible, agile and dependable manner. So, our sustainable development policy is articulated across five strands.

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Our policy

across five strands

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions to help limit the rise in global temperatures. We aim to be carbon-neutral across all our operations by 2050. To achieve this we are reducing the environmental impact of transporting goods, sourcing more eco-friendly components, improving our production processes and favouring local procurement. We are also working with our suppliers to reduce emissions within the supply chain. Our energy consumption is tightly managed and, wherever possible, we aim to power all our production sites with renewable electricity.

We are continually striving to cut waste related to our business and products. With this in mind our packaging is optimised, and we favour both recycled and recyclable packaging. We are reducing plastic use and have eliminated single-use plastic. All our waste is recycled, and our employees are aware of the zero-waste culture. We have also partnered with a company that recovers and gives a second life to obsolete computer equipment.

We aim to generate a cascade effect by asking our suppliers to adhere to our social and environmental policy. We are committed to upholding human rights, and we educate our suppliers in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. With this in mind our suppliers are selected in accordance with their application of duty of care in terms of sustainability, and they are supported in reducing their social and environmental impacts. We favour local purchasing to reduce transportation-related carbon emissions.

We are committed to designing products which respect the principle of circularity, and we favour environmentally friendly materials. We use recycled, recyclable or refurbished materials where possible. Our brake levers are designed in Carbontaz©, a recycled and 100% recyclable material which reduces the carbon impact of our brakes. We have also succeeded in creating 100% removable brake systems to allow repairability, thereby extending the life of our products.

Transportation is the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. While significant progress has been made in recent years, the bike’s share of urban transport remains low. The potential for growth is therefore enormous. At Bontaz, we are resolved to helping advance the bike’s evolution by offering light mobility, accessible to everyone, with responsible components, technological systems and connected solutions which confer peace of mind on the rider. We believe this democratisation will also involve an element of education, which is why we are working on the implementation of a specific programme, to be rolled out shortly.