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Bontaz Light Mobility

Addressing the challenges of sustainable mobility

Light mobility is surging in popularity. Reflecting the shift towards sustainable transportation and leisure as the world transitions away from carbon, the sector represents a strategical development pillar for our group with the birth of a new dedicated business unit: Bontaz Light Mobility.

Blazing the trail

Our founder Yves Bontaz was breaking new ground when he created his company in Marnaz in the heart of the Alps in 1965.

By virtue of dedication and innovation, our family business has become the global leader in automotive hydraulic functions, equipping more than one vehicle in two across all five continents.

Today, with a workforce of 4,000 employees, 24 worldwide locations, and unique expertise in mobility solutions, we are now asserting ourselves as a key player in soft mobility, leading by example in terms of sustainable development, protecting future generations and the planet.

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Bontaz Light Mobility

The birth of Bontaz Light Mobility

The birth of Bontaz Light Mobility marks a turning point in our group’s history.
At Bontaz we recognise the diversity of riders, and we intend to contribute to the bike’s evolution by offering a light mobility option accessible to all.

This is what drives us to develop inclusive products adapted to all categories of user, responding to each individual’s requirements and level of experience.

The evolution of cycling, not only as a viable means of transport but also as a widespread recreational activity, perfectly dovetails into current societal challenges, notably urban congestion, pollution and climate change. At Bontaz, we are dedicated to fostering this development by offering components, technological systems and connected solutions that allow you to ride with complete peace of mind.

The hydraulic brake

a first step
As the world leader in hydraulic systems, we have naturally chosen to capitalise on our significant expertise and experience to develop a complete range of hydraulic bike brakes for leisure, mobility, and sport, across all categories: road, hybrid, mountain and cargo bikes.

With their sustainable, reliable and proven components, the Alpha (2 pistons) and Delta (4 pistons) ranges offer an optimal response in terms of ease of use, performance, safety, and longevity.

To address sustainability issues and wider environmental challenges head on, we have succeeded in creating 100% removable brake systems for total repairability, and levers made of recycled and 100% recyclable material to reduce our products’ carbon footprint.

Premium products developed in France accelerating the move towards sustainable mobility, both for users and for the planet.

Other upcoming projects

The Alpha and Delta ranges mark our entry into the bike market.

But this is just the beginning. Our teams are already working on the development and manufacture of an electric bike engine. An innovative product, currently in the R&D and prototyping phase.

Want to ride carbon-free?

Blaze the trail together!

Your ride, your way!

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