Carbontaz® technology

Bontaz stands for performance and reliability in both the automotive and bike sectors. With four R&D centres around the world, Bontaz has innovation deeply embedded in its DNA. Like most of our components, Bontaz levers are developed and designed in Marnaz, France, in the heart of the French Alps.

Bontaz’s strength

Bontaz’s strength lies in its ability to control the entire process, from design to final assembly. Carbontaz® and Carbontaz Premium® lever components are all entirely designed in-house.

Made from materials developed by Bontaz, the blend of high-tech composites and carbon or glass fibres – depending on the type of lever – confers unique properties upon them. The result, Carbontaz ®, is an extremely light, high-tech composite that thanks to its elasticity has a huge resistance to impact and fracture. Carbontaz Premium ® is made from the same polymer with carbon fibres added for more lightness. The exposed carbon fibres offer a unique design with an outstanding finish.

HD - Design-Plans- Bontaz (5 sur 28)
HD - Design-Plans- Bontaz (21 sur 28)

Bontaz expertise

The injection moulding process combined with our expertise has made it possible to attain smooth surfaces for all desired shapes.

The mould, which gives the lever its shape, was conceived and engineered in-house from precise specifications on the back of detailed research into the levers’ ergonomics along with numerous field tests. More than 40 different materials were also tested to define and fine-tune the three materials that make up our levers.

Sustainable development policy

As part of its sustainable development policy, Bontaz attaches particular importance to the choice of materials used in its product design.

Hence, in perfect alignment with this approach, environmental impact, origin and recyclability are a key part of the selection criteria. Carbontaz® and Carbontaz Premium® are all made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

Carbontaz® offers the same tensile and fracture strength as aluminium for half the weight. Its use also enables us to achieve more complex, smooth-surfaced shapes, for unparalleled feel and ergonomics. As such it was the obvious choice when designing our levers.

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Key points

  • Synthetic granulate in high-tech composites
  • Smooth, tactile surface
  • 100% recyclable material
  • 50% lighter than aluminium for identical tensile and fracture resistance
  • Carbontaz+® optimisation
  • Addition of carbon fibres
  • Further weight reduction without loss of resistance